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I am a professionally trained counsellor who provides therapy for stress management, self-esteem, grief, and depression. I specialize in sex and relationship therapy.

“Sex Therapy is new dynamic approach to very real human problems. It is based on the assumptions that sex is good, that relationships should be meaningful, and that interpersonal intimacy is a desirable goal. Sex therapy is by its nature a very sensitive treatment modality and by necessity must include respect for the client’s values. It must be nonjudgmental and non-sexist, with recognition of the equal rights of man and woman to full expression and enjoyment of healthy sexual relationships.” ~ Robert Birch, Ph.D.

Common Issues in Sex TherapyCommon Issues

My clients and their issues include:

Couples Issues:

  1. Communication & intimacy issues
  2. Conflict resolution
  3. Premarital issues
  4. Cross-cultural dating
  5. Arranged marriage
  6. Extramarital affairs
  7. Sexual desire discrepancies
  8. Sexual Inexperience/Anxiety
  9. Divorce Coping

Men’s Issues:

  1. Erection Challenges
  2. Premature Ejaculation
  3. Delayed Ejaculation
  4. Sexual Addiction

Women’s Issues:

  1. Orgasmic Challenges
  2. Lack of Sexual Desire
  3. Pain – Discomfort During Intercourse


My Approach:

My Approach is an eclectic one which may, depending on the unique needs and preferences of each client, incorporate, psychodynamic, existential – humanistic, Rogerian, and/or cognitive – behavioural counseling. Gestalt, guided imagery and relaxation techniques maybe also be utilized.

I am a counsellor who:

  • Creates a safe, private setting
  • Is sincere, warm, and empathic
  • Accurately understands the client
  • Supports the client
  • Is sensitive to client’s needs
  • Offers effective therapeutic interventions

Three-stage Model:

I have found that clients can be most helped by a 3-stage model of counseling:

1. Feelings:
I identify, engage, support and validate the painful feelings associated with painful experiences.

2. Insight:
I assist clients in gaining insight into defences, unhealthy patterns of thought, beliefs, behaviors, and way of relation to self and others which result from this pain.

3. Actions:
I encourage clients, through various interventions, to adopt new behaviours and attitudes and ways of relating to self and others.

Together, these three steps induce a change in the client, which leads to his/her psychic, emotional, familial, and sexual well-being.

Clinical Assessment

Counselling generally begins with a formal, Clinical Assessment. This makes it easier to present the background behind your current problems; it starts the process of building a relationship with your counsellor, and it assists in identifying goals for counselling.

The Clinical Assessment covers your past history, your current situation, and insights into your situation.

Counselling Fee

Counselling services are $170 for each 50-minute session.

The cost of counseling may be reimbursed if your employer has provided you with an Extended Medical Benefits plan that insures professional counseling services. Your private coverage is a private contract between the company and you, and not with the counselor. Reimbursement is the sole responsibility of the client. Each insurance company has its own policies. To confirm that coverage is available to you consult your insurer’s representative.

A receipt is issued, and may be used for reimbursement requests or for some tax benefit.

Now, if reading this bio, and viewing my website, has piqued your interest, you are more than welcome to give me a call. We can discuss your particular concern, keeping in mind that our conversation will be strictly confidential.

Whatever your decision, I wish you a lifetime of growth and prosperity.


Dr. Faizal’s Testimonials

“Our discussions and your non-judgmental responses created such a comfortable atmosphere that my husband and I felt safe to share our most intimate thoughts and emotions with you and with each other….You have helped save our marriage, and for this we are eternally grateful.
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Cancellation Policy

Please note, I have a 48-hour cancellation policy.  All clients are responsible for paying for any missed sessions without giving at least 48-hour notice.

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