Sexual Inexperience

Satisfy My Partner, Sexual Inexperience

Dear Dr. Faizal,

I have been married for about a year now and the sex life is great except that I don’t feel I completely satisfy my husband. I am afraid to try new things cause I don’t have much experience and he has plenty more experience. What are some things I can try to please my husband?

Dr. Faizal’s Answer:

I’m wondering why you feel that you are not satisfying your husband. Has he given you any indication of this or is it that you would like to please him more? I suggest that you have an open discussion with your partner about your concerns. He will be flattered that you, despite the “sex life [being] great”, are trying to make an extra effort. Encourage him to share some of his fantasies with you, which could be very exciting for both of you, and ask him if he would like to live out some of them with you. Keep in mind that it does not take experience to try new things; in fact, it is the inexperience that makes trying new things that much more fun.

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