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Dr. Faizal is very active as a speaker and lecturer across North America. Through his many workshops, seminars and keynotes, he has addressed a wide array of topics related to relationships and sexuality.

Dr. Faizal is exciting to watch in both small, intimate groups and in larger settings. For information on scheduling him for a speaking engagement, please call his office.


Below are some of Dr. Faizal’s recent topics:

Multicultural Romance

Workshop Description:

Multiculturalism thrives in Canada. But most ethnic communities have very conservative sexual values. For many members of second and third generation immigrant families, sexual opportunities in our personal life can conflict with the repressive attitudes of our kin, creating stress and inhibitions. This workshop offers a chance to talk about this culture clash, share solutions for the challenges we encounter, and make new friends. Some topics include: cross-cultural dating, parental attitudes, the pros and cons of arranged marriage, and how religion affects our sexuality and relationships.

Length: One-night seminar – 2.5 hours. Offered to groups throughout the year

Schedule and Fees: Please phone my office for updated schedule and price lists.

Dating the Ethnic Man: Strategies for Success

Workshop Description:

In our multicultural society many women are attracted to men of ethnic backgrounds. His accent, exotic appearance, or unfamiliar relationship style are often irresistible. But the very things that attract can also create problems. Multicultural romance often ends in heartbreak. This seminar will give you the heads-up in relating to ethnic men. Learn how to do a multicultural reality check. Identify the key indicators that spell future trouble. The tools you will take from this seminar will help you to make your relationship with that yummy ethnic man the best that it can be.

Length: One-night seminar – 2.5 hours. Offered to groups, couples, and individuals throughout the year.
Schedule and Fees: Please phone my office for updated schedule and price lists.

Sexual Awakening for the 21st Century

Workshop Description:

As one of the most powerful elements in our lives, sex touches almost every aspect of our thoughts, feelings, and actions. For this reason, our discussions, like the field of sexology itself, are very broad in scope. They are placed within the context of the history and culture of the new millennium, with special emphasis upon the most current advances and insights in education and clinical sexual science. This course creates a safe, trusting environment where the mysteries of sexual relationships can be appreciated from a positive point of view. The general areas of discussion include: the uniqueness of sexual expression, communicating sexually, knowing your erotic self, relationship/intimacy issues, resolving sexual concerns, and creating a better sex life.

Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • become aware of the uniqueness of sexual expressions;
  • become aware of how individuals and groups are dealing in a creative manner with safe sex issues, particularly around the subject of AIDS/HIV;
  • become aware of the options which are available for the enrichment of sexual experiences; and
  • use the acquired information for personal, academic, and/or professional purposes.

Workshop Content:

This course will offer individuals and couples the opportunity to move toward a fuller, more satisfying sex life through self-knowledge, facts, options, techniques, experience and communication. It will employ various models and techniques, including Gestalt, body and breath awareness, role playing, fantasy, journaling and communication styles. Most topics will be introduced by a brief lecture, followed by a video presentation, after which there will be ample time for discussions and sharing. Essentially, this course will contain informal, interactive sessions leading to personal growth and development.

Length: 6 weekly classes. Offered to groups, couples, and individuals throughout the year.

Schedule and Fees: Please phone my office for updated schedule and price lists.


Other keynote topics include:

  • Love and Sex in Cross-cultural Relationships
  • Dating the Ethnic Man: Strategies for Success – book reading
  • Dating the Ethnic Woman
  • Multicultural Romance: The Issues and Therapeutic Interventions (specifically for physicians, psychologists, social workers, counsellors, and other health-related specialists)

The Art of Love, Romance and Sex Across Cultures


Sexual Awakening: A Clinical Guide for Healthcare Professionals

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