Dr. Faizal is an avid writer. His passion in helping individuals and couples gain insight into their own personality and that of their partner, and other loved-ones, is evident in his literature.

Dating the Ethnic Man by Dr. Faizal Sahukhan


His work has been published in prestigious journals, university text books, popular magazines, and online columns.

Most recently, Dr. Faizal has compiled his academic and clinical experiences into his landmark book, Dating the Ethnic Man: Strategies for Success.


• Paperback: 236 pages
• Publisher: Trafford Publishing
• Language: English
• ISBN-13: 978-1426912474

The ethnic man is driven by peer pressure, family commitments and cultural expectations. Go behind the masks, discover the deeper dynamics – and find out if he’s the man for you. read more


Read Dr. Faizal’s answers to many popular sexual and relationship questions.  popular questions

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