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Dr. Faizal offers counselling to individuals and couples of all sexualities, cultures, races, religions, and background.

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Thousands, internationally, have benefited from Dr. Faizal’s literature.

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Dr. Faizal is exciting to watch in both small, intimate groups and in larger settings.

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Hello, and welcome to my office.

You’ve made a long and thought-out decision to seek some assistance, and you are to be commended for taking the initiative to find a qualified and approachable counsellor. I welcome your interest in my work.

A short video message – from me to you

qouteI have referred several patients to Dr. Sahukhan and both they, and I, were very pleased with the care that they received. With a very kind and supportive nature, Dr. Sahukhan gently guided my patients toward their goals….Dr. Sahukhan helps patients take control of their sexual health, consequently releasing some of the guilt and shame that often accompanies sexual dysfunction….I am very pleased to have such a dedicated, professional, and excellent counsellor in Dr. Sahukhan to whom I can refer my patients.
–  Dr. Jennifer Lorne, MD, CCFP, Family Doctor